What is this project trying to accomplish?

Simply, this project is seeking to do four things:

  1. Encourage congregations to be intentional in taking care of those in need in their midst.
  2. Identify people who have financial need and determine what their needs are.
  3. Collect funds from people or others who are willing and able to donate.
  4. Distribute the collected funds to those who have need, with an absolute bare minimum of overhead.

Admittedly, the mechanics of this (particularly #2-4) may not be simple. As of the launch of this project, these mechanics aren't yet developed. But the hope is that we can develop them quickly and begin to put some practical help in motion. If you're skilled in those areas, please let us know.

It also must be said that the goal of this project is not to help recover 100% of the money for all depositors. If the miraculous were to happen and enough to cover that were to be given, we would be delighted to use the money in that way. But the stated goal is to provide necessary funds to those who are experiencing immediate hardship due to not having access to their CEF funds.