Is this like the ABC District's "Emergency Fund" that was available in 2015?

The general idea may be the same: to provide for those in dire need. But the specifics of it are quite different in a few ways:

  • The District Emergency Fund was available to those who demonstrated need in a very specific way. There was an application process that was directed by the court process. To some it seemed invasive, though we were told it was set up that way so that there would be certainty that whomever received it would not have to pay it back at a later time due to inadequate documentation.
  • The source of the Emergency Fund was a portion of the remaining CEF funds. The source of this fund will be donations freely given for the sole purpose of helping people who need it.
  • The Emergency Fund had a specific lifespan which seems to be now over. This project has an undetermined duration, seeking to help people in need, as needed.