Is this project asking congregations to contribute money to this fund?

Because this project is not a charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (it's undetermined whether it will become one), it cannot receive gifts from Canadian charities, which LCC congregations are. So congregations are not being asked to contribute to this fund, and if a congregation wished to contribute, sadly we would need to refuse that gift.

Individuals who are members of congregations would be able to contribute freely. But at this point, should they choose to do so, they would not receive a charitable donation receipt. It's truly a "pass-the-hat" project at this point (though it's possible that may change in the future).

What congregations are being encouraged to do is to be aware of the need within their midst, and care for their people. That may take many different forms. Congregations also need to be aware that even internal "pass-the-hat" projects are subject to CRA regulations. If you are a congregational leader, please do your research and conform to CRA's rules for how funds can and cannot be collected, receipted, and/or distributed.