Considering a lot of money was lost under the watch of church people, why should I trust a church person with money again?

It's understandable that anyone who's witnessed the last couple of years in our LCC church, and particularly in the ABC District, would be wary of money management under church leadership.

What we can say at this point is that this project is committed to helping people who need help. There is no staff. There are no "pet projects". We'll be developing the plans over the next little while, but we are committed to:

  • as much¬†transparency as possible.
    Funds will not be kept in personal accounts, and a full accounting of the total amount given, overhead, and the total amount dispersed will be available at any time. (We'll respect people's privacy and not disclose personal information without their permission, but the aggregate totals will always be easily available.)
  • minimal overhead.
    For online donations we will have to incur some overhead with a payment processor or handler. They charge somewhere between 3-5%. We're in the process of evaluating exactly how this should be set up, but we'll keep overhead to a bare minimum.
  • working with compassion.
    We know people are hurting. We know there is great difficulty being experienced by many. We know that "sides" are being taken. This is essentially a "pass-the-hat" project, trying to connect willing donors with people who need funds. Compassion will be a key foundational principle.