How does this relate to the ABC Representative Action (the class-action lawsuits)?

The short answer: it doesn't.

We know the Representative Action (RA) process is ongoing, and that it's an issue that is causing debate and leading to much conversation an (it must be said) angst and division. We know that some depositors have opted out, and some have opted in. It's an educated guess that some people who are experiencing dire financial need are in the RA class and some aren't.

Though plans for this project are still being developed, there are no plans to integrate this project with the RA. In fact, Pastor Schutz is on the record as being opposed to the RA, and has opted-out personally. But that doesn't mean that those who are in the RA class don't have need; it doesn't mean that they shouldn't be considered as people who may receive help from this project.

As of May 2017, the thought is that there could be a request of anyone involved in the RA who may receive funds from this project to reduce the amount of their claim accordingly. It hasn't been determined at this point if that should be a requirement.